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Camp E-Commerce Platform

Ongoing project to redesign features of Code Camp's e-commerce site, used for booking camps by parents across the world. 

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Drag & Drop Coding For Kids

Project to create a touch-friendly redesign & future roadmap of features for our coding education platform, "Code Camp World".

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Enterprise IA & Workflows

Rebuilding Code Camp's CMS to help employees manage camps & ease new employees into their roles, including a complete navigation redesign & new workflows.


Facilitating design for schools

Not quite a typical UX project, but an exploration of how iteration & design principles could be used with schools to facilitate projects that empower students to get creative with STEM. Presentation given at Edutech.

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CapitalU: UX Design & Review

Finding usability improvements and challenges for a start-up attempting to revolutionise how personalised financial advice is delivered to Australians.

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Education Service Design Project 

Working in partnership with NSW Education and Academy XI, this project was intended to study how teachers, parents and students at public schools could overcome the disconnect in their experience of the education journey (While research conducted collectively, all displayed collateral produced by me).