Learn, Create, Test & Repeat.

Learn, Create, Test & Repeat.

My name is Joshua Shuvalov, a Sydney-based UX designer and researcher who has helped develop experiences for everything from start-ups to international banks.

You can see some of my recent UX work here. I've also got a passion for illustration, animation & robots - you can see some of my amateur tinkering here!

I'm looking for opportunities to work on awesome design and research projects. If this is you, contact me. 

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My Methods.



Using interviews, contextual inquiries, surveys and cold hard analytics to figure out what user’s desires and frustrations really are.



Working with product stakeholders to map the customer experience, digging up pain points and opportunities for improvement.



Starting with rough prototypes of interfaces/concepts to test ideas & prioritise features. Followed by high fidelity designs to guide developers.



Test and learn - analyse performance of designs in the wild, test for improvements & build a backlog of changes that can guide a product onwards.