Recent UX projects

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Financial Services Start Up

Reviewing, testing and rebuilding the on-boarding process for a financial services start-up. 

  • Challenge: Make the MVP product's on-boarding user friendly!
  • Insight: The process asked too much, and gave back too little to the user.
  • Design: Financial dashboards and profile updates to reward users as they go.

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NSW Department Of Education

Service design project to reimagine how teachers can best interact with parents & students.

  • Challenge: How can we create a community between students, parents and teachers?
  • Insight: Found teachers struggling to connect with parents and be recognised.
  • Design: Prototyped a platform that can bring the teacher home, and parents to class.


Financial Institution Process Design

Developing a method to hybridise business architecture and design thinking. 

  • Challenge: Find space for empathy in process design.
  • Insight: There's nothing you can't add a human mindset to!
  • Design: Templates, tools and exercises to make processes human centric.

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A Place For Your Story

An independent project, going from ethnographic research to high fidelity prototypes.

  • Challenge: How can we get people better connected?
  • Insight: Bridge the gap between events and our presence to experience them.
  • Design: An app that lets users hide multimedia around the real world.



I've helped deliver wins in a broad range of events as a designer - here are a few favourites!

  • Dubstep: Turn stock market data into dubstep.
  • Resource utilisation: Help consultants manage their time better.
  • Financial Dating: Take customers on a date.
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