Conway Console

An LED matrix that displays Conway’s Game Of Life with a twist - you can pause it and then make edits to the ever-changing pattern yourself!

Nerf Turret V2

Using a webcam, OpenCV for facial recognition and a warning buzzer for intimidation, the sentry gun can now autonomously challenge anyone with a vaguely humanoid face!

Herb Bot V2

Herb Bot V2

Built from experience teaching kids how to build gardening robots, this solar powered herb garden measures humidity, temperature & moisture to manage it’s own water usage!


I like the idea of a jumpy personal assistant in my phone with personality - here was my attempt at creating just such a little guy using Framer.

CardBot V2

A small pump and more servos means this little guy can finally contribute around the house! Now he can detect and wash dishes!

Nerf Turret V1

Controlled with a joystick hooked up to an Arduino microcontroller, this office terror was still limited by it’s human operator until V2!

CardBot V1

This cute little guy could only say hello when you waved at him - but he was super great at it!

Framer Sprite Animation

Having found out Framer could be used for sprite animations, I was curious to see how I could work with it - resulting in this frantic little animation.