I've had the privilege of working with some great teams for days at a time to build some winning projects. Here are few of the hackathon winning projects I've had the most fun contributing to.

NASDAQ Dubstep (Big Data Week San Francisco)


Using sonification & big data to enable traders to quickly identify market movements. Working with traders and data experts to figure out what signals make them tick, and musical experts to figure out how sound can hit the chords that make us act.

Workload Transparency (Hack the Dot @ Deloitte)                                       

Gaining insight into the health of consulting projects by bringing visibility to the work by each team-member. 

Used Tableau prototypes to test with managers before committing to an extended project.

A second date with your customer  (RBS Hackathon @ CBA)           

Second date.jpg

Using gamification to build stronger relationships after customers are initially on-boarded to the bank’s products.