CapitalU: UX Design & review

Capital U is a start-up attempting to revolutionise how personalised financial advice is delivered to Australians. I was brought in to find usability improvements and challenges within their on-boarding process before they did a small-scale launch.

Key Challenge:

The original goal of on-boarding was to automatically generate an Statement of Advice (SOA) and kick off the advice relationship - but that requires an immense amount of information! 


First, I conducted a detailed heuristic review to cover functional and design challenges, followed by three 40 minutes testing sessions with potential financial advice customers. What I found:

  • Process took a long time (sometimes 30 minutes or more) - users got distracted easily.
  • Users seemed lost - often did not understand the questions which required detailed understanding of finances.
  • Users concerned at how much information they had to give out. 
  • Numerous functional problems held up users (I produced an 50+ item issue register to cover these separately).
This is so much personal stuff - if you weren’t here watching I would think it was a scam.
— Jenny, Business Analyst, 28


After collecting feedback from each interview (and cross referencing it with my own heuristic review), I developed a view of opportunities for improving the process:

  • How could the forms be made faster and snappier?
  • How could I give the users assurance about how they were doing?
  • How could I make users feel it was worthwhile to give intimate financial details to the service (the value of the SOA was too abstract)?



My first challenge was form design. I did a quick re-design of several pages to use simple formatting and scales. 

The next step was to add more intelligence to the form to help guide users. This meant:

  • Percentage progress bar to give visibility on how long there was to go.
  • A detailed linkedin-style profile strength indicator. This let users know in advance what benefits their profile could drive immediately.
  • I then added tool-tips across the questions where users had more trouble, to help give them context. 

Finally, I wanted to give users a stronger incentive for getting through the on-boarding process. I worked with the team to come up with some ideas for (early draft below) for an financial management dashboard that could give users value earlier in the process (the profile strength indicator above would be linked to this, and drive users to the dashbaord).

Prototype of the Financial information dashboard.

Prototype of the Financial information dashboard.